The Collection


The Marilyn Monroe Collection comprises a lifetime of memories, both Marilyn’s and the collector’s.  While there are other collections of Monroe memorabilia, this compilation is unique in that  items within the collection represent significant aspects of Marilyn’s life, including items from her childhood, the very first fur she ever owned, and even her maternity dress from her final pregnancy in 1958.  Today, along with books, magazines, posters and postcards, the collection consists of hundreds of items formerly owned by the legend herself, many of which are photographed with Marilyn. The collection includes clothing, accessories and furs from her personal wardrobe, cosmetics, books from her home library, numerous personal and professional documents, bank statements, financial documents, signed bank checks, and many other personal items outlining in great detail the personal and very private life of Marilyn Monroe.

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Items with an asterisk (*) are pictured with Marilyn or in her home.

Marilyn Monroe’s Personal Clothing & Accessories

Marilyn Monroe’s Personal Furs & Accessories

The Movie Star: Marilyn Monroe Film Related Pieces

The Beauty Queen: Marilyn’s Makeup

The Intellectual: Marilyn’s Library

Marilyn’s Childhood:  Items from Her Past

Marilyn’s Personal Possessions

Dear Marilyn Monroe: Letters to an Icon

Marilyn’s Invoices & Receipts

Marilyn’s Personal Files

Marilyn’s Financial Documents

Marilyn Monroe Bank Checks

Marilyn Monroe Autographs

Marilyn Monroe Photographs

Additional Collection Items