Marilyn Monroe’s Personal Invoice for Fur Repair, Maintenance and Storage, together with a Marilyn Monroe Productions Cancelled Bank Check Paying for the Bill

From the Personal Files of Marilyn Monroe:  An original invoice from Bach-Cohen, Inc., Manufacturers of Fine Furs in New York City, for repairs, maintenance and storage of Marilyn Monroe’s furs. Dated October 3, 1955, this invoice inventories four of Monroe’s personal fur items:

  • One White Ermine Coat, Insured Value $5,000 – Storaged, Rips + tears repaired, Rhinestone buttons added, Cleaned, Glazed + Ironed.
  • One Ranch Mink Coat, Value 300 – Cleaned, Ironed + Glazed, Storaged.
  • One Cloth Jacket with Sable Collar, Cleaned, Ironed + Glazed.
  • One White Fox Muff, Cleaned, Ironed + Glazed.


All items were received by P. Leonardi. The total amount due for storage, repairs and services: $97.50.
Also part of the Marilyn Monroe Collection, Marilyn Monroe Productions bank check #279, dated October 28, 1955, paying for this invoice, signed by Milton Greene.

Marilyn-Monroe-Fur-Storage-Check Amazingly, each of the fur items listed on this invoice are easily recognizable, and most were photographed numerous times.