Marilyn Monroe & Me

An Online Photo Exhibition

Marilyn-Monroe-And-Me (2)

A few years ago, this snapshot was added to the Marilyn Monroe Collection.  The vintage Polaroid shows a couple visiting Marilyn Monroe’s crypt, perhaps in late 1962, or on June 1 or August 5 of 1963.  I was instantly drawn to this photo.  I found it to be very compelling.  The couple pays respect to Marilyn in a somber and respectful way.  The woman strikes a demure pose, and the gentleman reaches behind him to touch the wall.  Red roses, very likely from Joe DiMaggio, rest in the vase on Marilyn’s crypt, and a coin appears to have been placed under the lower edge of Marilyn’s plaque.  Vases full of flowers rest on the ground below, and sunshine and shadows create a dramatic effect illuminating only Marilyn’s crypt and the couple that visits her.

For many, visiting Marilyn Monroe’s crypt at Westwood Village Memorial Park is a lifelong goal.  It’s a moment in time shared with Marilyn at her final resting place.  Some fans are lucky enough to visit Marilyn’s crypt regularly, while others can only dream of someday being able to travel to Los Angeles to pay their respects to Marilyn.  Fans having had an opportunity to make the journey to Westwood experience their own feelings and emotions when visiting Marilyn at her final resting place, and their visit is often memorialized via a photo at the crypt.

This photo inspired me to create an online photo exhibition of fans visiting Marilyn Monroe’s final resting place:  “Marilyn Monroe & Me.”  If you would like to add your own personal photo to this online exhibit, please email me your photo along with your first name, country of residence, the date of your visit and any information you would like to share about your visit.

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