A Marilyn Monroe Annotated Note: “Something’s Got To Give”

A fascinating look into Marilyn’s involvement with pre-production and planning of what is perhaps the most famous unfinished film ever, “Something’s Got To Give.”  This note shows conflict surrounded the production before filming even began.

Dated “2/10/62,” this half-page of paper has a note typed on it by Cherie Redmond (MM’s secretary) outlining a message to the star from Henry Weinstein, producer of “Something’s Got To Give,” about issues with the planner/photographer of the film. Monroe’s handwritten responses in pencil appear throughout the document.


The Cherie Redmond dictated message from Henry Weinstein with Marilyn’s handwritten responses are as follows:

5:30 dictated over telephoned (sic) by Henry Weinstein

(Henry Weinstein) Called you yesterday; tried to explain we have a problem with Planner, photographer. You were kind of on the defensive because you didn’t understand what he was trying to convey.

(Marilyn Monroe) I said I would not be put on the defensive.

(Henry Weinstein) Have Planner now, but may lose him during the shooting as in all probability will not be able to start in time and this will conflict with another commitment he made previously.

(Marilyn Monroe) Why? (Asking why the planner will probably not be able to start in time.)

(Henry Weinstein) When, and if, Planner has to leave, we should try to replace him with Charles Lang, Jr……now negotiating to arrange this. Need your approval.

(Marilyn Monroe) Make sure you can get him before you let Planner go. You know how I feel about Lang, but just be sure you get one of the two.

(Cherie Redmond) (I asked him if he spoke to Mr. Rudin; he said he did, and he agreed to it, but told Mr. Weinstein to check with you.)

(Cherie Redmond) Mr. Weinstein further said he cannot finalize with Planner until this agreed to as you may prefer another photographer for the whole picture.

(Marilyn Monroe) I don’t understand since I have made it very clear to you Henery (sic).

(Cherie Redmond) Mr. Weinstein asks that you wire him – home address is 620 North Roxbury…..Or, call this afternoon – studio – CR 62211 or tomorrow morning at his home – CR 44988

cherie redmond

Below: Marilyn Monroe, Producer Henry Weinstein & Eunice Murray on the set of “Something’s Got To Give” June 1, 1962.