Marilyn Monroe’s Personal 1962 Invoices from the Arthur P. Jacobs Publicity Firm

From the personal files of Marilyn Monroe:  Three invoices from the Arthur P. Jacobs public relations firm, dated April 30, 1962; June 1, 1962; and July 1, 1962. All are in relation to publicity fees and are stamped and notated as to check and payment date.

Marilyn-Monroe-Pat-NewcombMarilyn with her publicist, Patricia Newcomb

Important activities in Marilyn’s life around this time include:
– Marilyn is presented with the World’s Favorite Film Star Golden Globe, March 5
– Marilyn attends costume and makeup tests for Something’s Got To Give – April 10
– Initial filming of Something’s Got To Give – April 21
– JFK’s birthday celebration at Madison Square Garden – May 19
– Marilyn’s last public appearance – June 1
– Marilyn is fired from Something’s Got To Give – June 8
– First Vogue photo session with Bert Stern – June 23
– Negotiations with Fox begin about resuming work on Something’s Got To Give – June 28
– George Barris photo shoot – June 29
– Marilyn’s final interview, with Richard Meryman – July 4
– Marilyn meets Fox studio chiefs – July 12
– Marilyn spends the weekend at Cal-Neva Lodge – July 28
– Marilyn appears on the cover of Life magazine for the last time before her death – August 3
– Dr. Ralph Greenson spends six hours with Marilyn – August 4
– Police are called after Marilyn is found dead in her Brentwood home – August 5
– Marilyn’s funeral is held at Westwood memorial Park in Los Angeles, CA – August 8

Marilyn at Cal-Neva Lodge the weekend of July 28, 1962, pictured with Peter Lawford and Frank Sinatra.