Marilyn Monroe’s Personal 1959 Birthday Card From Her Half-Sister, Berniece Miracle


A colorful birthday card adorned with multiple butterflies and signed on the inside in blue fountain pen ink “Love, Berniece & Paris” that was sent to Marilyn for her thirty-third birthday. Enclosed within the card is a small slip of paper penned in same ink reading “Dearest Marilyn, I’d love to fly up and visit you this summer during part of my vacation. Please phone or write me as to when you will be home, and the best time to come. Give my regards to Arthur. Love, Berniece.” Included is the original transmittal envelope addressed to “Mrs. Marilyn Miller, 444 E. 57th Street, New York City, N.Y.” and postmarked “Gainesville, FLA, Apr 24, 1959.

A photo of Marilyn Monroe with half-sister Berniece is shown below.  Berniece Miracle writes about her relationship with Marilyn in her book:  “My Sister Marilyn