An Original Marilyn Monroe Print by Hal Berg

A beautiful print of Marilyn Monroe, Milton Greene and Edward R. Murrow.  This photo was likely taken by Hal Berg, Greene’s assistant at the time.  The Milton Greene Archives donated this print to the collection.

In this photo, Marilyn is wearing her favorite mink collar, which is also part of this collection. To learn more about this fur, click here.


Milton Greene, Marilyn’s business partner and photographer, stands to Marilyn’s right. On her left stands famous television personality Edward R. Murrow. This photo was taken in April, 1955, prior to Marilyn’s appearance on Murrow’s television show, Person to Person.

About Person to Person

Person to Person was a popular television program in the United States that originally ran from 1953 to 1961, with two episodes of an attempted revival airing in 2012. Edward R. Murrow hosted the original series from its inception in 1953 until 1959, interviewing celebrities in their homes from a comfortable chair in his New York studio.  His show opening:  “Good evening, I’m Ed Murrow. And the name of the program is ‘Person to Person’. It’s all live – there’s no film.”

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