Marilyn Monroe’s True Size

Marilyn Monroe is undeniably one of the most famous women today, even though she passed away over 55 years ago. The mystery surrounding her death is still ever present in modern society. There is another mystery that’s also a constant topic of conversation and debate, and it’s one of those questions I’m asked in nearly every interview: “What was Marilyn Monroe’s true size?”

You can learn the truth in this article.  Please note, however, that every use of the term “plus sized” is in quotes because the term itself is derogatory and demeaning. (Have we ever heard the term “minus sized?”) #DropThePlus!  A woman’s size or weight doesn’t define her.  Be happy with who you are, and don’t look to others to set a standard for what’s beautiful and acceptable. 

Many people believe that Marilyn was a larger “plus sized” woman.  Even celebrities have chimed in on Marilyn’s weight and clothing size.



A quick Internet search pulls up countless articles focused on the topic of Marilyn’s size. People write about vanity sizing and claims of Marilyn’s measurements as reported by her dressmaker, (though the source of the dressmaker’s claim isn’t cited anywhere).

I’m going to shed some light on Marilyn’s TRUE physical size using seven items of clothing from her own personal wardrobe, which will finally close the debate on just how large (or in actuality, small) she really was.

Marilyn’s Measurements and Weight

Available documentation verifies Marilyn’s height and weight at several different times during her life, and her first modeling contract verifies her measurements:


August 2, 1945
Blue Book Modeling Agency
5’ 6”, 120lbs
“Size 12”

February 8, 1954
5’ 5 1/2”, 118lbs

August 5, 1962
LA Coroner Medical Report
5’ 5 1/25”, 117lbs


While these documents suggest that her weight was a constant 117-120lbs, she was actually much heavier during the late 1950s, for example, the Some Like It Hot premiere on March 29, 1959 (below).  Some have speculated she weighed close to 140 lbs at this point.


“The Hourglass”

Marilyn wasn’t like most women in that she had an extreme hourglass figure. Many modern size charts like the ones below don’t even reflect Marilyn’s physical dimensions.

In 1945, Marilyn’s dimensions were 36-24-34.  The red circle on the charts below demonstrate how her body was different.  Note the “X-Small” and “Medium” sizes.


Note that the “plus sized” chart in the second example doesn’t reflect Marilyn Monroe’s measurements for bust, waist and hips.  So much for Marilyn being “plus sized!”


Marilyn Monroe’s Clothing Tells the Truth

While some say Marilyn Monroe was a large “plus sized” woman, her personal clothing items tell a different story.  Below are several examples of Marilyn’s clothing worn at varying times in her life, displayed on a size 6-8 dress form, with measurements of 33.5″ (bust), 24.5″ (waist), and 34.5″ (hip).  With these images and video clips you can get an idea of her true size.  Most important, even at her heaviest weight in 1959, her waist still measured just 28.5 inches.

1951 – Marilyn’s Personal Leather Belt

Marilyn-Monroe-Leather-BeltThis belt measures 27 inches (on the outside of the belt) when fastened.  Of course, this doesn’t even take into account the layers of clothing Marilyn wears under the belt.  Marilyn is pictured wearing this belt at RKO Studios.


1953 – Marilyn’s Personal Wool Skirt

This wool skirt is one of two that Marilyn owned.  She had one in gray and another in purple. Marilyn was known to buy the same item in multiple colors and this is an example of that. The photo below shows Marilyn wearing the purple skirt, which is exactly the same as this gray skirt.  No size is present on a tag inside.  When fastened, this skirt also measures 27 inches.  Again, this doesn’t account for layers of clothing.  The photo was taken during the filming of “River of No Return.”


1955 – Marilyn’s Personal Evening Cape

Marilyn-Monroe-CapeMarilyn Monroe’s silk evening cape, fashioned in a brocade pattern depicting roses and leaves, the interior lined in champagne-colored silk, worn to the 1955 premiere of “East of Eden” in New York City. This is a custom design, believed to have been made for Marilyn by George Nardiello.  This cape fits perfectly on this size 6-8 dress form.

1958 – Marilyn’s Personal Maternity Dress

Marilyn-Monroe-Maternity-DressThis red cotton button-down casual garment with a pattern of roosters and chickens was worn while Marilyn was pregnant in 1958 during and after the filming of “Some Like It Hot.” There is no size present inside the garment. The photos show how loosely the garment hangs on Marilyn, even while she’s pregnant. The seams at the shoulder measure 15 inches apart.


1959 – Marilyn’s Personal Cocktail Dress

Marilyn-Monroe-Black-Cocktail-DressMarilyn wore this black silk cocktail dress to a 1959 event honoring husband Arthur Miller. The dress was hand-tailored for Marilyn, and it’s one of a kind.  As it was handmade for Marilyn, this dress certainly provides an exact representation of Marilyn’s physical form.  At this point in her life, Marilyn was at her heaviest, with some speculating she weighed nearly 140lbs.  Even still, when displayed on the dress form, her waist measured an astonishing 28.5 inches.


The inside of the dress is shown below.Marilyn-Monroe-Real-Size-Cocktail-Dress-2

1961 – Marilyn’s Personal Overcoat

Marilyn-Monroe-Owned-OvercoatMarilyn wore this overcoat as she exited Polyclinic Hospital on July 11, 1961, following gallbladder surgery. Photos from that day show she has slimmed down and appears to be near her average weight. This coat hangs loosely around her shoulders as she exits the hospital and makes her way to a waiting limousine.

1962 – Marilyn’s Personal Pucci Blouse

Marilyn-Monroe-Pucci-BlouseFrom the 1999 Christie’s Auction, “The Personal Property of Marilyn Monroe,” Marilyn’s lime green Pucci blouse. The label in this blouse reads size 14. In footage and photos of Marilyn wearing this blouse, she appears to have lost even more weight, as she looks slimmer than she did in 1961 as she exited Polyclinic Hospital.


Yes, you read it right, size 14. Marilyn Monroe in fact wore a size 14 blouse, but a 1962 size 14 (and don’t forget Pucci is an Italian label). Today, Marilyn’s clothing fits very well on a size 6-8 dress form, and this is where vanity sizing comes into play. Throughout the years, clothing sizes for women have decreased while the actual size of women has increased. To complicate matters even further, clothing brands today don’t follow a systematic approach to sizing. The chart below shows how different clothing lines use different measurements for sizes.



Marilyn Monroe’s True Size

When she performed “Happy Birthday Mr. President” for John F. Kennedy on May 19, 1962, roughly three months before her death, Marilyn’s measurements were bust: 35.5″, waist: 23.5″, hips: 33.25″. By modern-day standards, she would likely be a size 4 to 6.

Marilyn Monroe Lifted Weights

Marilyn herself knew the importance of physical exercise. She owned her own weight set and she worked-out years before most people understood the benefits of staying fit and healthy.


Marilyn’s personal weight bench and weights.

Marilyn was also aware of the importance of her figure and staying in shape.   She’s known to have referenced her physical form in at least two separate interviews:

“I don’t want to be bone thin, and I make it a point to stay the way I want to be.”
Movieland Magazine
July, 1952

“The working men, I’ll go by and they’ll whistle. At first they whistle because they think, oh, it’s a girl. She’s got blond hair and she’s not out of shape, and then they say, “Gosh, it’s Marilyn Monroe!” And that has it’s, you know, those are times it’s nice.”
LIFE Magazine
July, 1962

While many believe that Marilyn Monroe was a “plus sized” woman, the fact is that’s just not true. Even during the late 1950s when she was at her heaviest, her custom made dress indicates her waist still measured a tiny 28.5 inches. She had an extreme hourglass figure.  The interesting part is that the hourglass may have varied over the years, but she was never obese.  Unfortunately, Elizabeth and Rosanne, Marilyn just wasn’t the “plus sized” woman you claimed she was.

48 thoughts on “Marilyn Monroe’s True Size

  1. People are idiots. Even seeing photographs and films she’s clearly not even remotely close to obese as classified by the BMI. The politics of virtuous ignorance has defeated intelligence I think. Poor Marilyn is no exception.

  2. This sizing issue drives me crazy . Elizabeth Hurley’s comment I thought was especially ignorant and hateful . I’m also wondering if she had eye trouble if she actually saw the clothes on the mannaquin. But, again is this the most important thing people worry about? Not the joy she gave , her psychological issues , the pills she was given like candy ,( keep the product going) ..
    If people want an actress who actually did become “plus “ look at Elizabeth Taylor, who did lose it ,but fluctuated often . A beautiful woman’s weight is a huge interest avd it’s sickening . Look at Denta Burke in 80s! Natural curiosity is one thing but people seem obsessed by weight of stars.
    I am 5”4 116/129 pounds. Usually 117 or so. I gave MS , so if I’ll abd on steroids I tend to gain , I can also get very sick abd get to 98lbs, ( look awful) I have a terrible time finding clothes, I am 37D 24 waist ( 23 before children and 35 hips. I wear anywhere from6-10 , even 12 depending on brand . I usually wear two piece outfits or make my clothes .. learned out if necessity and I like vintage look. Jeans are almost impossible to find .. an hour glass figure is hard to dress …
    The point I’m making is natural curiosity is one thing but I wish others ( not here ) would focus on her thirst for knowledge, her interest in civil rights, the awareness her death brought to pills, her acting , her love for animals and children . Not just make it about her body , even after death …
    Also , anyone can look at nude scene in Something’s Got To Give, she was in best shape ( physically) I mean figure as she was also ill with viruses and such during that time ..also the great photos George Barris took beginning on June 1,1962. He phototherapy and interviewed her over next 6 weeks. The book he wrote with her words and his and wonderful photos is called Marilyn,Her Life in Her Own Words.
    Thank you for wonderful site and article , and let’s allyry to watch out for our Marilyn , she deserves it..
    I know my childhood was rough , not financially , but therr was a stepfather … and a mother who wouldn’t leave the money .. I found Marilyn at 13, first book I read was Goddess by Anothony Sommers. ( great book) I then read everything else .. I learned so much from her , what not to do, how to go for my dreams , she was an inspiration for me as I’m sure for many others . I often think I would have been found overdosed if I wasn’t blessed with a great marriage and children . But , partly because of Marilyn I wasn’t ashamed to go for psychiatric help and get off the pills my mother started pushing on me at 12/13..
    Im going on and I’m sorry , but I wish so many people would realise she was so much more than a great body or a photo on a calendar .
    Thank you.

  3. Love this, Scott. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people call Marilyn Monroe fat. Even at her heaviest, she was NEVER fat. I’ve personally handled many articles of her clothing and I’d say she ranged from a modern day 4 to a 6 and then at her heaviest, an 8. But as your research shows, sizes back then were not at all what they’ve been here in the U.S. for the last 30-40 years. And on top of that, every woman today knows that she might be a size 4 in one brand but a size 6 or 8 in other brands. The worst example of “vanity sizing” is ironically at the totally inexpensive Old Navy chain. A size 2 there would be a size 10 anywhere else! They are ridiculously “off the charts” with their sizing, but I admit I love buying a pair of cheapo “Size 2” jeans there every now and then! And I’d like to believe Elizabeth Hurley was misquoted with that dumb ass comment—or she’s a dumb ass if she really meant it. As I’ve said for years, if Marilyn was fat, then I’d like to be “fat” exactly like her!

  4. Plus size doesn’t mean fat or obese tho? Plus size can just mean you have large hip or bust measurements. Tons of olympic level and/or professional athletes wear “plus size” clothing despite being in about the best shape you can possibly be as a human. Size doesn’t reflect actual fitness. It never did. The BMI scale is widely known to be a very poor indicator of actual size and health. My BMI is 25.0, and Id be considered overweight. But my bust is 37, waist is 27, and my hips are about 36.5. If I had more muscle I’d be even heavier. Y’all need to stop fat shaming and thinking that slimmer=healthier. The people who win the strongest person in the world contests don’t look slim. They look really fat. Cuz toned muscle and puffed up body building muscle do not mean optimum functioning muscle.

    While she was about what is considered average in modern times in terms of weight and general size (probly close to a 6-8 dress size), she was definitely not the puny size 0-2 we consider to be “ideal” today. She never had a thigh gap, she never had a totally flat stomach without the little pouch under her bellybutton, and she was never so skinny that her ribs or breastbone stuck out. So while she was never “fat” she was definitely a bit larger than our current society’s ideal.

  5. (My previous comment was not to the writer of the article, but to other commenters equating plus size with obesity, and apparent fatness as a bad thing. Unless you literally know everything a person eats and does, you don’t know how healthy or unhealthy they are. And that includes skinny people.)

  6. I hate the term “plus size” – plus what exactly? I always equated it with the XX added onto “large”. Maylyn Monroe was never Xlarge. She was a healthy weight and a beautiful woman

  7. Marilyn was perfectly a size 8 UK im a designer and pattern cutter and her measurements alone indicate she’s small sized. Even pictures/footages of her makes u guess she’s a size 6-8 uk. But its the natural body issues that her bust size contrasts with the waist. in modern (especially modern) size charts u’ll find waist and bust/hip measurements are quite close because they do it for the common sizes of modern women (hense we’re not fond of waspie 50s corsets) and whoever’s waist is tiny will simply have it altered and voila it fits perfectly. The confusion here comes from the 1950s size labels as her top is a size 14 many people think its modern 14, 14 is purely a size 8 today as i buy lots of vintage patterns and usually i buy them size 14 and 12 and im a size 6-8 uk. So yes, in any ways and directions this issue could stretch in to, she remains in the small size circle. Period.

  8. She was beautiful and she paid the ultimate price for her beauty in a man’s world all of her too-brief and tragic life.

  9. I don’t know what Marilyn s actual size was and it doesn’t matter because she was a beautiful woman with a stunning figure

  10. Very interesting to see she worked out with weights. Must have been very unusual back then. Today models and actresses routinely use weights to tone their bodies.

    I wish women’s clothing was sold like men’s, using body measurements. It would make shopping so much easier.

  11. Amazing to think mm was tiny to now. You’d think she was bigger . A photo I saw once she showed ribs. Ribs was something on a thin person . Mm was definitely tiny and thinner than expected

  12. the thing is, i believe plus size and fat are different words. “plus size” is for women who are curvy like monroe. but now, it’s as i dreaded, and plus size is intrinsic with horribly obese people (usually women) because they widely marketed it by associated the two. as for “plus size”, i believe that very word is harmful to women. they should just be sizes like every other woman. even for obese women, that doesn’t change their humanity. imagine if you went in the kids section and you saw “boys-plus size”. that could be harmful to boys who are struggling with their weight, as well as girls. just shut the whole thing down and throw it away. so, for those saying monroe was plus sized, i just receive it as curvy, but given the association of fat people and plus size, they could very well mean she was fat. which is just explicit jealousy because it’s been proven multiple times she’s not. she was desired all over the world. men around the world did not lust after a fat/obese woman. that’s just the facts.

  13. Anyone with eyes and intelligence can see that Marilyn was a slim woman with a gorgeous figure. In “Some Like it Hot” she was pregnant ( or experiencing an hysterical pregnancy, I’ve read both) and she was maybe 140. I’ve read that and I agree with it, maybe slightly more. And she was still drop-dead gorgeous. A little softer, her curves more pronounced, but her waist still small and her beauty undiminished.

    I myself am 5’4″ and I’ve been everything between 110 and 170 (nine months pregnant). I personally love being 140! That’s when I finally have breasts, lol! And the rest of my body is slim enough to make those breasts stand out. So Elizabeth Hurley can shove it. Her comments were unnecessarily mean. I imagine she was brimming with acidic jealousy that she will never have Marilyn’s figure because her DNA doesn’t allow it. Neither does mine. I don’t care. I can admire beauty in other women without being catty about it. Apparently Elizabeth can’t.

  14. I enjoyed this article it was a very informative read! I enjoyed seeing the pics and the different measurements at different times. The internet and social media is rife with misinformation. I recently saw a ‘Marilyn quote’ that said something about how you should never feel bad about not being a size 0. I thought that was so hilarious. That is actually what led me to check out the topic because I knew that there was different sizing then, but wasn’t sure about the details. It’s so funny how things catch fire on the internet and they are complete and utterly false, and no one even questions it. It was one of those pretty script quotes with some picture of Marilyn’s figure on full display. The fact that people are trying to suggest that Marilyn was plus size because she is curvy is just ludicrous. I am in agreement with those who say that plus size seems derogatory. I think they should just keep it at #’s or start going by measurements maybe. But for one to imply that Marilyn would be able to fit into todays ‘plus size’ clothing they are required to suspend logical thinking I feel like. It is very easy to see by all of her pictures that at every stage of her life she was WELL BELOW the size that someone is who fits plus sizes. It’s just silly. I dont know how anyone could look at the pictures of her and not just intuitively know that she is a pretty small woman! Yes, she has a larger sized bust and yes she is ‘curvy’ but she is curvy in terms of waist to hip ratio. You can be a very skinny person and if you have a 10″ differential I think you would still be technically considered curvy by the mathematical standards. Today, we tend to use the term ‘curvy’ to describe women who are are thicker and somewhat on the larger side, which I think is a much kinder and body image positive way of wording it… at the same time, when people try to lump Marilyn into the current idea of curvy, it’s just suspending reality. I really dont understand how anyone with eyes could not feel ridiculous trying to insinuate that she would fall into such a category… lol. As a side note, one comment was speaking on the derogatory nature of the plus size terminology, and spoke about kids and how that could hurt their body image. I am curious about that I cannot remember if there was a term for girls or if it was the same but I’m pretty sure that when I was a kid the term ‘HUSKY’ was for boys who were bigger and thicker. I am curious if they did away with that term and also if there was a version for girls of husky that had it’s own name. Why I can remember the name of the boys but not the girls is a mystery to me!! I think maybe because even as a young kid I felt like the term husky seemed kind of negative to me!

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  16. Roseanne Girl just stop, your ignorance is showing again. I don’t care how much surgery you have you will NEVER be in the same stratosphere as Marilyn. Elizabeth you are just disrespectful, please don’t allow us to keep you from killing yourself.

  17. Pictures (images) don’t lie. Marilyn NEVER had rolls around her waist or stomach; flab on her upper arms; or, thickness in her thighs: the normal physical attributes associated with being fat &/or “plus size.” Not to in any way imply plus size is unattractive. Marily merely had more flesh and curves than most of the female stars who preceeded her — who were skinny and flat and bony . Marilyn, Jayne (Mansfield), Sophia (Loren) – were all gorgeous curvy women — none of whom were plus size or fat! I think what needs to be recognized is how very skinny most starlets were. Even Greta and Marlene came to Hollywood fleshy and full and wete forced to get skinny.

  18. To answer one of the comments before mine- I bought my little girl jeans at JCP and the adjective was “pretty plus” if memory serves.Boys were “husky”. Now, thankfully the term is going to be “curve”. So on to MM.
    Here we are in 2019 and everyone still knows who she is without question. She was not only beautiful but smart too. Her size was just perfect and all men loved her. I once bought a fake drivers license of hers on vacation at a Stuckey’s and had so much fun with it. All the young women at work fell for it and told me how beautiful I was when I was young but the State Trooper that I tried to fake out told me,” Nice try, mam’me”. Just got a warning thanks to Marilyn. As a child I did want to look like her when I grew up and did have the figure but “Twiggy” was in when I was a teen which was a bummer. Now, Marilyn is back on top where she will always stay.
    RIP Sweetheart !!!

  19. Marilyn was fat. The pictures show she had excess body fat and not 22 inch waist. The definition of fat is having excess fat or flesh so yes she was fat. Hurley is slim and not fat.

  20. Ms. Hurley needs psychiatric help. So did Marilyn – the main difference being that Marilyn was doing something about it.

    Plus, Marilyn wasn’t weight obsessed, she was just naturally slender without starving herself or over-exercising, by all accounts.

    If Hurley’s idea of ‘fat’ is a modern size 8, there’s not much hope for any of us. I wouldn’t put her on a team of Red Cross famine relief workers in Africa!

  21. Ms. Hurley needs psychiatric help. So did Marilyn – the main difference being that Marilyn was doing something about it.

    Plus, Marilyn wasn’t weight obsessed, she was just naturally slender without starving herself or over-exercising, by all accounts.

    If Hurley’s idea of ‘fat’ is a modern size 8, there’s not much hope for any of us. I wouldn’t put her on a team of Red Cross famine relief workers in Africa!

  22. Marilyn’s body was perfect in my book but I feel no need to protect her by admonishing Elizabeth for her comment. After all, it is doubtful Marilyn cares what Elizabeth thinks of her figure. And so what about others’ opinions? Life is short and then we’re like Marilyn…

  23. Both ms.Hurley and Marilyn Monroe,walk..
    No…”STRUT” with that delitful, soul uplifting
    extra little “HOP”, that few others can never
    practice or attempt in a lifetime…!1

  24. Jon B what excess fat?! Because her bones weren’t showing?! You’re putrid. Where’s your pictures?!

  25. Is “fat” really the worst thing someone can be?

  26. Ugh…can’t help but feel the shade and hate from Elizabeth Hurley, ankut Marilyn Monroe.

    Even a super model has miniscular insecurities.

    Marilyn has been dead for years, but she can still steal the spotlight.

  27. I am pretty sure Elizabeth Hurley was joking, because from what I was able to find, those are Hurley’s exact measurements. Marilyn was a beautiful person and was never what I would consider to be overweight. I feel society places too much emphasis on outward appearance and not enough on personality and mental acuity

  28. Thanks for helping to dispel the stupid rumor. I have no clue where this idea that Marilyn was ever fat came from. From her pics alone, she was nowhere near being fat. She had natural curves, but she was normal, not obese. Why have fat women started clinging to MM? She’s clearly not in your club.

  29. This had been knowledge available to the public for a long time. It shows the power of spreading false information. The woman, regardless of size, had a stunning figure. The biggest takeaway is that Elizabeth Hurley is as shallow as her acting range.

  30. Are you guys just idiots and blind to not see that she wasn’t plus sized ? What kind of plus sized woman has a waist under 90cm (35 inch) ?
    Can’t you see that she was thin ?
    Of course you see some fat here and there because she was not bone thin she was thin with fat today we call it “slim-thick body” where the fat is in the right place.

    But she was always wearing a corsett for her movies to have a more tiny waist (22 inch) to fit in really tight clothes- that still doesn’t mean she has a thick waist even without corsett her waist was snatched. I even read that she was always wearing a shaper in her teenage years that explains why every 50s woman have a tiny waist at this time than today.

    I too have a tiny waist with 26 inches and 38 inch hips and 38 bust area and I always wear a size XS-S so I can compare myself to her AND I’m far far away from calling myself fat.

  31. There has never been nor will there ever be anyone to come close to her. The most beautiful woman to ever have lived May she Rest In Peace

  32. The true allure of Marilyn Monroe, to me, was the way she moved, the way she would look at the camera, her body mechanics were extremely feminine. I have always thought and believed she was a full figured woman. The hourglass shape is extraordinary for any woman any size. I am a fan of full figured girls, not obese. Anna Nicole Smith, Mariah Carey, Jane Fonda, Jenny McCarthy, Sigourney Weaver are all examples of extraordinarily beautiful women of different heights and sizes. As I said before, to me, Marilyn’s allure was the whole package, to see her walk across a room in heels, the way she would move her arms and look at others while conversing. She was a master of her physicality and smarter than given credit for. As one of her famous quotes and my favorite state, “dogs never bite me, just people.” Brilliantly truthful simple words from an underestimated woman who wanted nothing more than to be loved for her insides and not her out.

  33. Marilyn was and will remain the most beautiful woman of all time…

  34. In “The Misfits,” her final movie, released in 1961, Clark Gable’s character asks Monroe’s character if she’s a size 12 and she responds yes.

    In her subsequent bikini and jeans scenes she shows a few extra pounds in her waist and hips, but not that many for her body type (and for the standards of that era). She does not have much in the way of upper arm definition and has a somewhat generous belly for someone who was working out regularly, as alleged in the above article. However, face and chin are lean.

  35. I love this article! Thank you so much for clarifying the many sizes of my idol, Marilyn Monroe! No matter what size, weight, height or shape she was spectacularly beautiful! I remember reading about Marilyn’s persona (whatever size!) She and a friend were walking down Hollywood Blvd. Her friend said to Marilyn “Unbelievable that no one is recognizing you like the great Marilyn!” Marilyn replied “Oh, you want to see Marilyn?” Her friend was shocked as Marilyn straightened her body, head held high and began to walk her famous walk. “Her friend said that immediately people began to flock to her!!! “Marilyn!!!!” they screamed!!! I try to remember that and although I am not “famous”, I love to see the looks I get when I walk tall and regally, like Marilyn taught us! No matter what size, it’s the attitude that matters! My undying love for Marilyn always!!

  36. She definitely had a very tiny waist. I don’t think the figures of the model agency were wrong, moreover, she didn’t change a lot ever after (her weight fluctuations at the end of the 50s due to pregnancy are not counted).

    I tried to measure my waist by the belt, and the outer circumference of the belt (as worn on me) was almost 10 cm bigger than my actual waist. There is similar research with Marilyn’s belts in this article.

    So her waist, her figure in whole, was just perfect, yes, and she was never plus size.

  37. As someone who collects vintage (1950s-60s) sewing patterns, size 14 is equivilant to modern day size 8 🙂 if that answers your question about the pucci blouse.

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