Two Original Photographs of Marilyn Monroe, Taken by Allan “Whitey” Snyder

Two original photos of Marilyn Monroe taken by her friend and make-up artist Allan “Whitey” Snyder, on location in Canada during filming of “River Of No Return.”  These photos are from Snyder’s personal estate.



Allan “Whitey” Snyder was a successful Hollywood make-up artist, best remembered as the personal make-up artist of Marilyn Monroe.

“Whitey” was Marilyn’s make-up artist throughout her career, from her first screen test at Twentieth Century Fox in 1946 to her funeral makeup in 1962. The pair developed a very close working relationship. Toward the end of her life, Monroe asked Snyder to prepare her face if she were to die before him. This was a promise that he fulfilled after her death in 1962. Snyder was also a pall-bearer at the funeral.

For his work, Snyder was twice nominated for Primetime Emmy awards, under the category of Outstanding Achievement in Make-Up. These nominations came in 1978, for his work on the TV Biopic Marilyn: The Untold Story and in 1981, for Little House on the Prairie. His last project was the 1984 television series, Highway to Heaven.

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