A Marilyn Monroe Signed Elizabeth Arden Receipt

An Elizabeth Arden Beverly Hills Salon receipt, dated 27 April, 1961, completed in pencil in an unknown hand in the name of Miss Marilyn Monroe, with home address of 444 East 57th St, New York, NY, the receipt for Out Treatment After Hours by Cecile for a manicure at $6.00 and a pedicure at $9.00, the receipt signed in pencil by Marilyn Monroe.


Important activities in Marilyn’s life around this time include:
-Margaret Parton interviews Marilyn for the Ladies Home Journal, but the interview is never published as it is deemed “too sympathetic” by the editor. (March)
-Marilyn enters the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital for a minor operation. (May)
-Frank Sinatra and Marilyn have a brief affair. (Summer)

Below: Photos of Marilyn at Elizabeth Arden Salon, New York City, taken by Ed Feingersh, March, 1955.