Marilyn Monroe’s Personal Jax Pants

From the Personal Wardrobe of Marilyn Monroe: A pair of black pants by one of her favorite clothing lines, Jax.

About Jax
From Marilyn in Fashion by Christopher Nickens and George Zeno

Jack Hanson, a graduate of Hollywood High School, a World War I vet, and former shortstop with the Los Angeles Angels, was an unapologetic butt man. He thought post-war women’s slacks lacked oomph, so he sketched up some ideas, borrowed $500, and opened Jax in the coastal town of Balboa, California. His snug pants zippered up the back, calling attention to the rear end, and they sold for $60 – a hefty amount in the late ’50s. Hanson even eliminated hip pockets so nothing would distract from the derriere. Lacking money for advertising, Hanson drew crowds when he had his salesgirls model the line in the shop’s window. These were pants that only women with superb shapes dared to wear, but they were a smash and soon he was adding stores in Beverly Hills and New York, near Marilyn Monroe’s apartment.

“If any one person made us, it was Marilyn.” Hanson told Sports Illustrated in a 1967 interview. “She wore our things constantly, everywhere, and was always in the shop. We designed a lot of things especially with her in mind…” Hanson and his wife became personal friends of Monroe’s, and she encouraged them to add other items to their line. Soon Jax blouses and dresses joined the famous pants. In  addition to Monroe, other devoted Jax customers included Natalie Wood, Janet Leigh, Jill St. John, and Nancy Sinatra. Even Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy were rumored to be Jax fans.

Red more about founder Jack Hanson and Jax here.

In the photos below, Marilyn records songs for “Let’s Make Love,” in 1960, and she also rehearses some of her dance numbers with world famous choreographer Jack Cole.


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