An Original Matchbook:  Marilyn Monroe Productions

This matchbook is an original souvenir from the launch party for “Marilyn Monroe Productions,” which was held on January 7, 1955.


The news of Marilyn Monroe Productions was announced at the home of Marilyn’s attorney, Frank Delaney. Marilyn was the President of this new venture with 51% of the shares, and Milton Greene was Vice President with 49%.

MMP staff included attorneys Frank Delaney and Irving Stein. Joseph Carr was in charge of bookkeeping.

Marilyn announced that MMP had negotiated a new non-exclusive contract with the Fox. The huge success of “The Seven Year Itch” reinforced the position of Marilyn Monroe and her new production company. Her new contract included a check for money owed to her, and a new salary of $100,000.00 for four films in seven years. She was guaranteed approval for all her personal projects. She was also given the right to review scripts and approve directors. Hers was one of the first great victories with a star beating the Hollywood studio machine.

MMP produced two films: “Bus Stop” in 1956, and “The Prince and The Showgirl” in 1957. These were her only independent productions.

Below:  Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich at the launch party for Marilyn Monroe Productions.