Marilyn Monroe’s Personal Annotated Envelope and Receipt for a Black Beret, 1954

From the Personal Files of Marilyn Monroe:  A small envelope with a typewritten address noting “M. Monroe / ‘M’ Star Dressing Room” with Monroe’s penciled notes on it reading in full:

“Aunt Olive / VE8-7202 / Culver City / triangle / cross the street / 9430 Washington / close cleaners / 4:30 / work / tex 07111 / ex 3704”

Evidently being directions; enclosed within the envelope is a receipt from ‘Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation’ dated “June 12, 1954” noting that “M. Monroe” purchased “1 Black Beret” for a grand total of “$12.94.” Interestingly, Monroe wore black berets frequently – in her films as well as in her personal life. More than likely, the “Aunt Olive” referred to on the envelope is Olive Brunings, wife of Marion Monroe, who was the brother of Marilyn’s mother, Gladys Baker.