Marilyn Monroe Personal Invoice from Psychiatrist Dr. Ralph Greenson

From the Personal Files of Marilyn Monroe:  A one-page, partly printed bill from Dr. Ralph Greenson, Marilyn’s psychiatrist. Dated June 1,1962 (Marilyn’s 36th and final birthday), the invoice measures 5.5″ x 6.75″ on imprinted letterhead, to Marilyn Monroe, “For Professional Services, May 1962 $350.00.”


Marilyn-Monroe-Final-Birthday-1962Marilyn Monroe at Fox Studios on her 36th birthday.

Important activities in Marilyn’s life around this time include:
– Marilyn attends costume and makeup tests for Something’s Got To Give – April 10
– Initial filming of Something’s Got To Give – April 21
– JFK’s birthday celebration at Madison Square Garden – May 19
– Marilyn’s last public appearance – June 1
– Marilyn is fired from Something’s Got To Give – June 8
– First Vogue photo session with Bert Stern – June 23
– Negotiations with Fox begin about resuming work on Something’s Got To Give – June 28
– George Barris photo shoot – June 29
– Marilyn’s final interview, with Richard Meryman – July 4
– Marilyn meets Fox studio chiefs – July 12
– Marilyn spends the weekend at Cal-Neva Lodge – July 28
– Marilyn appears on the cover of Life magazine for the last time before her death – August 3
– Dr. Ralph Greenson spends six hours with Marilyn – August 4
– Police are called after Marilyn is found dead in her Brentwood home – August 5
– Marilyn’s funeral is held at Westwood memorial Park in Los Angeles, CA – August 8

Ralph Greenson:

Marilyn-Monroe-Psychiatrist-Ralph-GreensonIt would be fair to say that in the last year of Marilyn’s life, nobody knew more about Marilyn’s fragile state of mind than her psychiatrist. Stories conflict regarding how Marilyn first got in contact with Greenson. He either came recommended by Marilyn’s lawyer Milton Rudin (Greenson’s brother-in-law), by Arthur Miller’s friend Frank Taylor, or by Marilyn’s New York psychoanalyst, Dr. Marianne Kris, in August 1960, when Marilyn was flown back to Los Angeles for hospital treatment during shooting on The Misfits. By the time Marilyn was doing the last post-production work on The Misfits she was visiting Dr. Greenson at his Beverly Hills office every day of the week.