The Personal Property of Marilyn Monroe


Christie’s Auction House
New York – Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 October 1999

In October of 1999, Anna Strasberg sourced Christie’s, the renowned auction company, to sell the bulk of Marilyn Monroe’s estate. The auction, which occurred over two days, was labeled “The Sale of The Century,” garnering over $13 million with the sale of nearly 576 lots. Items sold included Marilyn’s clothing, furs and shoes, furniture from her home, film scripts, jewelry, kitchen items, books from her library, cosmetics, awards, and many other items from her private life. Of note, the dress Marilyn Monroe wore to sing Happy Birthday to President John F. Kennedy on May 19, 1962, sold at this auction for nearly $1.3 million, and still today holds the record for being the most expensive dress ever sold at auction, a record formerly held by one of Princess Diana’s gowns.

Click on a link below to view items sold, or intended to be sold, at the 1999 Christie’s sale that are part of The Marilyn Monroe Collection:

A Maternity Dress
A Lime Green Pucci Blouse
A Green Beaded Tassel Pucci Belt
An Ivory Cotton Overcoat
A Leather Belt
A Cocktail Dress
A Casual Summer Dress
An Evening Cape
A Beaded Necklace
A Paisley Pucci Belt
A Mink Fur Collar
A White Fox Muff
A Marten Fur Collar
A Set of White Fox Fur Accessories
A Pink Ostrich Feather Boa
Eleven Assorted Mexican Soda Glass Tumblers
Maiden Voyage
Horns For The Devil
Man’s Supreme Inheritance
Oh Careless Love
Of Stars and Men

Additional Lots from the 1999 Christie’s Sale:

A Pair of Ferragamo Stilettos
A Pair of Fancy Earrings
A Pair of Earrings
A Pair of Blue Jeans – River of No Return
An Eternity Band
A Pair of Korean War Shoes
A Black Sequined Dress
A Baby Grand Piano
A Joshua Logan Gifted Triptych
A Golden Globe Award
A Full Length Evening Sheath
A Scarlet Dress
A Hand-Knitted Cardigan
A Golden Globe Award
A Sequined Evening Dress
The “Happy Birthday Mr. President” Dress
A Necklace
An Evening Stole 
A Pair of Earrings from How to Marry A Millionaire
A Pucci Dress
A Record Collection

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