Cursum Perficio | The Series: Part III, Marilyn’s Bedroom

In this, the final part of a three part series entitled Cursum Perficio, I showcase photographs and a short video of Marilyn Monroe’s bedroom, taken in July of 2010 as I toured the property when it was for sale.

Of course, it was extremely sad and moving to be standing in Marilyn Monroe’s bedroom, the actual room in which she was discovered dead. I stood in the same location where Marilyn’s bed had been positioned – the bed in which she’d been found, and thought, “This is where is happened.” There was also part of me that said, “But did it really happen here?” Conspiracy theories abound, and my opinion is that Marilyn’s death was accidental, with no ill intent. However, I firmly believe there was an extensive cover-up, and it’s likely that Marilyn’s body was either moved or repositioned. Regardless, this was the small simple bedroom, now famous from the photos of the great film legend, Marilyn Monroe, face down in her bed, naked, with her phone in her hand, and I couldn’t believe I was standing there.

I was surprised to see that Marilyn’s bedroom had experienced some major changes, primarily in that the door to the bedroom had been relocated to a different wall. The location where Marilyn’s door was formerly is now a built-in book case. The door to the room is now immediately behind the area where Marilyn’s wooden bedside table was located. Also, a skylight was added to the room at some point. In spite of the remodeling, the room was still very recognizable as Marilyn Monroe’s bedroom. Fortunately, the fireplace in the room remains intact.

The image below provides a floor-plan and photo of Marilyn’s bedroom as it was in 1962.

This image shows the floor-plan today, along with a photo of the room I took during my tour of the property. Note the differing locations of the bedroom door.

The image below shows Eunice Murray, Marilyn’s housekeeper, showing the window that was broken by Dr. Greenson in order to gain access to the room. The lower image shows the same window from the inside of the room as it looks today.

The image below provides a detailed look at the window broken by Dr. Greenson, along with a photo of the window today.

Below are photos of the bedroom as it looks today. Note that the bedroom door, bathroom door and closet door are the same actual doors that were in the room when Marilyn owned the home.

Below, Marilyn Monroe’s fireplace, and the door to her private bathroom.

The photo below shows another view of the window that was broken by Ralph Greenson (on the right) to gain entry to the room due to the alleged locked bedroom door.

The bookcase and dresser in the photos below are in the exact same location that Marilyn placed her bed when this was her bedroom. The door to the right of the dresser is to Marilyn’s closet.

To see a short video clip taken from the inside of Marilyn’s bedroom offering a 360 degree view, click here.

In closing this final post of the Cursum Perficio Series, see below a photo of me standing in front of the fireplace in Marilyn Monroe’s bedroom. Immediately to my left is Marilyn’s bathroom.