Dressing Marilyn, A New Book by Andrew Hansford

Andrew Hansford has written a new book about Oscar winning costume designer William “Billy” Travilla and Marilyn Monroe.

The book is currently listed on Amazon.com in the UK, and will be available soon. Click here for the posting on Amazon.com in the UK.

From Amazon.com:

William Travilla is one of the best costume designers of all time and Marilyn Monroe his most famous client. Marilyn’s Dresses will focus on the striking dresses Travilla designed for Marilyn, from his early work on the thriller Don’t Bother to Knock and the gorgeous pink dress in which Marilyn sang “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” to the legendary white dress from The Seven Year Itch, which arguably contributed to the collapse of Marilyn’s marriage to Joe DiMaggio. Featuring Travilla’s original sketches, rare costume test shots, dress patterns, photographs of Marilyn wearing the dresses, plus exclusive and never before- seen extracts from interviews with Travilla, this book offers a fresh insight into the golden age of Hollywood.

About the Author: Andrew Hansford manages Travilla’s archive and was responsible for the 2008 exhibition. He has lectured to fashion students on Travilla and his work.

For more about designer Travilla, visit www.TravillaTour.com