Marilyn Monroe’s White Dress Tops Iconic Celebrity Fashion Moments

It might be over half a century since Marilyn Monroe wore her seductive white halter neck dress in The Seven Year Itch, but it still ranks number one as the most iconic fashion moment of all time.

A new poll has revealed the top 10 iconic fashion moments from famous celebrity outfits and Marilyn Monroe’s scooped the top spot for her 1955 ensemble.

Another classic Hollywood actress took second place – Audrey Hepburn’s little black dress and pearls which she sported in 1961’s Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

But aside from Hollywood glamour, male pop and rock stars have made an impact in the fashion world too, with Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley nabbing third and fourth place.

Michael Jackson’s crystal-studded glove, hat and white socks have been hailed an iconic fashion look, while Elvis’s white jumpsuit from 1970’s Las Vegas performance also made the chart.

They might not be outfits you’d wear on a night out these days but Madonna’s cone-bra corset by Jean Paul Gaultier from 1990 was voted the sixth most iconic.

And Olivia Newton John’s spray-on black leggings from Grease (1978) made their mark on the industry too, by being named the fifth most iconic fashion moment.

The other four iconic moments in celebrity fashion are: Liz Hurley’s black safety pin dress by Versace (1994), Kylie Minogue’s gold lame Stella McCartney hotpants (2000), Geri Halliwell’s union flag dress (1997) and Daniel Craig’s swimming trunks from Casino Royale (2006).

The poll surveyed 2,290 adults, conducted by Cancer Research UK.