Cursum Perficio | The Series: More Photos of the Property

I recently came across an online real estate website with many additional images of Marilyn’s house and property. Included in this post are several photos of the grounds and buildings that make up the property. As a point of reference for this blog post, I’ll use the map of the property below to help you orient yourself with the grounds.

The photo below shows the front door to Marilyn’s hose, with the tiles reading “Cursum Perficio” on the front step. The iron covered windows to the right of the door and to the left of the chimney are to Marilyn’s bathroom. The chimney is for the fireplace in Marilyn’s bedroom.

The photo below shows the door from the guest bedroom (as annotated on the map above) to the backyard and pool area. This guest bedroom is located behind the living room.

These are the windows to Marilyn’s private bathroom, situated immediately off of her bedroom.

This photo shows something few people get to see – the other side of the blue gate leading to Marilyn’s property.

This photo shows a child’s playhouse that is located near the front of the property in the main courtyard. It’s not annotated on the map.

This photo shows a door to what used to be the detached guesthouse.

The photo below shows the courtyard in the front of the house. The guesthouse and the main house have now been joined together. They are separated on the map.

This is the large lawn area behind the pool.

This photo shows the brick path to the lower level grounds behind Marilyn’s house.

These photos show a structure that was added later, and it sits to the right side of the pool (not annotated on the map). It appears to have been used primarily as a game room. A ping-pong table was inside the structure when I toured the property in July of 2010.