Zsa Zsa Gabor’s Condition Believed Critical

Hollywood personality Zsa Zsa Gabor was in critical condition Friday after earlier reports suggested the actress was doing well following hip replacement surgery.

Gabor of course starred in “We’re Not Married” with Marilyn Monroe in 1952.

In a statement issued by publicist John Blanchette, he revealed Gabor’s husband said, “doctors were working very hard to stabilize her.”

Blanchette described the actress as “vacant,” “uncommunicative,” “bleeding excessively” and not responding well to the surgery.

Doctor’s have taken the Hollywood icon off morphine — hoping to improve her condition as they work to determine whether or not the actress may have suffered a stroke.

Gabor’s husband, Prince Frederic von Anhalt said, “She looks at us but doesn’t know what is going on.”

Meanwhile, Zsa Zsa’s daughter, Constance Francesca Hilton, is giving a different version of her mother’s state. Hilton said her mother is in “guarded” condition, and said she spoke to her mother during a hospital visit on Friday. Mrs. Hilton added, she [Gabor] is “adjusting to the medications and healing process. There are no surprises.”

This totally contradicts Blanchette’s statement saying, “She [Gabor] hasn’t talked. She wasn’t speaking. They were worried about that [sic]. They [doctors] took her off morphine to see if that might be the cause.”

The Touch Of Evil actress was rushed to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center last Saturday after an attempt to answer the phone caused her to fall and break her hip.

The 93-year old actress was attempting to access her wheelchair when it’s unlocked wheels began to roll and sent Zsa Zsa crashing to the floor.

The “high maintenance” personality has had problems with her health and immobility in recent years. In 2002, she began using a wheelchair after a car accident made it difficult to walk. In 2005, she suffered a stroke. In 2007, immobility caused her leg to become infected and required surgery to heal.

The actress got her first big movie role in John Huston’s 1952 film Moulin Rouge.

Zsa Zsa Gabor and her sisters, Eva and Magda, married a total of 20 times. Actor George Sanders was married to Zsa Zsa and her sister Magda, Though Sanders was not married to the sisters at the same time, Zsa Zsa was still married to Michael O’Hara when she wed Mexican actor and attorney Felipe de Alba.