The House of Monroe

Victor Carranza is designing a much-anticipated new line of clothing in the spirit of our favorite female icon, Marilyn Monroe. Her sense of style is almost as iconic as the name itself.

What can be expected from the designs? Hopefully Carranza will stay true to Marilyn’s body, making his designs accessible to women of all sizes. Envision a line that varies from fashionable everyday wear to evening gowns that you could sing to a president in (when is Obama’s birthday?).

Marilyn Monroe may already be a fashion inspiration to many (Lindsay Lohan’s leggings, perhaps?), but now, she’s about to have a renaissance: designer Victor Carranza (who created many custom designs for Monroe herself) is launching House of Monroe, a luxury collection inspired by the icon. The brand’s licensees have obtained the master license from the Marilyn Monroe estate, and are the only companies with the actual rights to reproduce Monroe’s image. In addition to House of Monroe, which will be sold at upscale retailers like Bergdorf Goodman, a contemporary line of jeans and tees called Norma Jeane is being launched, and will be carried at stores like Atrium.