The 100 Greatest Movie Stars of All Time

Rumbling through my attic today, I found a 1996 special collector’s issue of Entertainment Weekly. The subject of the issue was “The 100 Greatest Movie Stars of All Time,” with Marilyn on the cover. This was, of course, the only reason I bought the magazine. EW listed Marilyn as #4 on their list. I think she should have been #1.

#1. Humphrey Bogart
#2. Katharine Hepburn
#3. James Stewart
#4. Marilyn Monroe
#5. John Wayne
#6. Cary Grant
#7. Marlon Brando
#8. Clark Gable
#9. Charlie Chaplin
#10. Bette Davis

Isn’t it interesting that Marilyn was in films with Grant, Gable and Davis? They’re all listed in the top ten. She was also close to Brando. The full list, along with the article on Marilyn, is included below.

An ad in this magazine channels Marilyn Monroe: