New Collection Pieces Added

Recently added to The Marilyn Monroe Collection…

A Marilyn Monroe Received Note and Newspaper Advertisement from Press Agent, Arthur P. Jacobs

From Marilyn Monroe’s personal files, a small memo typed in full “Dear Marilyn, / This is the ad which we prepared / for you. I hope you like it;” together with a copy of the referenced advertisement showing a black and white image of MM with text congratulating her “on her Academie du Cinema of France award for Best Foreign Actress of 1957 in ‘The Prince and the Showgirl.'”

A Marilyn Monroe Received Letter from Isidore Miller, Arthur Miller’s Father, Dated February 22, 1962

A one page note typed on ‘The Sea Isle Miami Beach’ hotel stationery; dated “February 22, 1962.” This touching letter from Arthur Miller’s father reads in part “Dear Marilyn, / I can’t tell you in mere words just how / much your trip to Florida meant to me…the guests of the Sea Isle Hotel can’t get / over how beautiful you looked…”