New Collection Piece Added: Marilyn Monroe’s Personal Ivory Cotton Overcoat

I’m thrilled to announce the newest addition to the Marilyn Monroe Collection: Marilyn Monroe’s personal ivory cotton overcoat, originating from the 1999 Christie’s Sale, “The Personal Property of Marilyn Monroe.” This coat is from Marilyn’s personal wardrobe, with labels reading “Styled by Lawrence of London,” and “Bergdorf Goodman on the Plaza, New York.”

On June 28, 1961, Marilyn Monroe checked in to Polyclinic Hospital in New York City to have her gallbladder removed. This was the fifth time she had been in the hospital in just ten months. Joe DiMaggio kept her company throughout.

Marilyn wore this overcoat as she exited Polyclinic Hospital on July 11, 1961, following gallbladder surgery.

When Marilyn was discharged she was practically mobbed by well-wishers and photographers as she left. She later said, “It was scary. I felt for a few minutes as if they were just going to take pikes out of me. Actually it made me feel a little sick. I mean I appreciated the concern and their affection and all that, but – I don’t know -it was a little like a nightmare. I wasn’t sure I was going to get into the car safely and get away!”

Click here for a YouTube video of Marilyn exiting the hospital.