New Book Arriving Soon: The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog and of His Friend Marilyn Monroe

In November 1960, Frank Sinatra gave Marilyn Monroe a dog. His name was maf. He had an instinct for the twentieth century. This is his story.

Maf the dog was Marilyn’s constant companion for the last two years of her life. Not only a picaresque hero himself, he was also a scholar of the adventuring rogue in literature and art, witnessing the rise of America’s new liberalism, civil rights, the space race and the New York critics.

The story of Maf the dog is a hilarious and highly original peek into life of complex canine hero – he was very much a real historical figure, with license and photographs sold at auction along with Marilyn’s other person affects. Through the eyes of Maf we’re provided with an insight into the life of Monroe herself, and a fascinating take on one of the most extraordinary periods of the twentieth century.

Author: Andrew O’Hagan