Move Over Darling Available on Netflix Streaming

Move Over Darling, the 1963 remake of Marilyn Monroe’s final and unfinished film Something’s Got To Give, is now available on Netflix streaming. 

Move Over Darling stars Doris Day as Marilyn’s character Ellen Arden, James Garner as Dean Martin’s character Nicholas Arden, and Polly Bergen portrays Bianca Arden, originally played by Cyd Charisse.  In this remake, Marilyn’s real life friend and costar Thelma Ritter plays Grace Arden, Nick’s mother.

It’s interesting to watch the 1963 remake of Something’s Got To Give and imagine how the original Monroe film might have turned out.  I imagine that the script was modified drastically as Move Over Darling appears to me to be a slapstick comedy, and I couldn’t imagine Marilyn being in some of the scenes in this film.  For example, in one scene, Doris Day rides through an automatic car wash with the convertible top retracted. 

In another scene Day practically assaults Bergen while giving her a massage. 

What I found most fascinating was that pieces of the original set from “SGTG,” which was actually an exact replica of George Cukor’s home, were used in the 1963 remake.  See the middle photo below of Doris Day walking down the same stairs that can be seen in photos of Marilyn on the “SGTG” set. 

Also, the same swimming pool was used in the remake, although the surroundings around the pool were changed, as shown below.  This of course was the pool Marilyn used for her famous nude swimming scene.     

Check out the remake if you have a Netflix subscription.  I’d be curious to know what you think of the film.