Marilyn Monroe Plastic Surgery Procedures Confirmed

A medical file for Marilyn Monroe is coming to auction at Julien’s Auctions, in which it is confirmed that Marilyn had procedures to modify her nose and her chin.  Read the full press release from Julien’s below.  View online auction information about this file here.

Julien’s Auctions to Offer Rare Medical Files of Marilyn Monroe at Icons and Idols Hollywood Auction

X-Rays and Doctors’ Notes That Prove the Screen Icon Had Plastic Surgery
Come to Auction for the Very First Time

Beverly Hills, California…October 8, 2013 … Marilyn Monroe, one of the world’s most celebrated actresses and famous icon of Hollywood remains as popular today as she was in the early 1950s. With her eye-catching looks and perfect figure she was the epitome of Hollywood glamour, seduction and beauty. Rumors regarding Marilyn Monroe’s plastic surgery continue to astonish the media and public. Reporters at the time were not confident about her plastic surgeries even though her facial appearances had been the topic of discussion for many years. The obscurity of Monroe’s plastic surgery procedures have long remained a mystery. Because her looks were so natural, it was hard for many to believe the reports that in 1950 Monroe had undergone her first plastic surgery. While the questions still persist to this day, Julien’s Auctions, the world’s premier entertainment and celebrity auction house, will offer a rare and extraordinary collection of Marilyn Monroe x-rays that will clear any doubt of Monroe’s early plastic surgery procedures and cast new details on the actual procedures that would transform the film beauty during a time when plastic surgery was not a popular procedure.

To be offered exclusively by Julien’s Auctions is a rare Marilyn Monroe medical file pertaining to cosmetic surgery performed on her. The file includes X-rays and doctors’ notes from the office of Dr. Michael Gurdin, M.D. and the X-ray office of Drs. Conti and Steinberg. Dr. Gurdin’s chart on Monroe begins on July 14, 1958 and lists the patient as Marilyn Miller with addresses in New York and Los Angeles. The chief complaint listed in the records is “chin deformity” and goes on to give a medical history that begins in 1950 and ends in 1962. Listed are a 1956 bout of Neutropenia in England; 1957 ectopic pregnancy in New York and a 1950 cartilage implant in the chin that the doctor observed had slowly begun to dissolve. Those with knowledge of the implant procedure have explained that this was done in association with a tip rhinoplasty, a procedure involving the tip of Marilyn Monroe’s nose only.

The last entry of the medical files is dated June 7, 1962, and reports a fall at between 2am and 3am resulting in swelling and tenderness of the nose. Monroe was brought to Dr. Gurdin by her psychoanalyst Dr. Ralph Greenson. She was then referred to Drs. Conti and Steinberg for X-rays. Her alias during these visits was Miss Joan Newman and that name appears on the paperwork with Monroe’s Brentwood home address. Included in the file are six X-rays including frontal facial bones X-rays, a smaller X-ray that is a composite of the right and left sides of her nasal bones and four small dental X-rays into the roof of Monroe’s mouth, looking upwards toward her nasal bones.

The conclusion written by Dr. Conti and dated June 7, 1962, was that there was no damage to Monroe’s nose due to her fall although a more recent evaluation of the same X-ray indicates a very minute hairline fracture of this bone. Monroe had turned 36 less than a week earlier and the following day Monroe was fired from the film “Something’s Got to Give” (20th Century Fox).

Marilyn Monroe was a sex symbol and a screen icon who continues to mesmerize film enthusiasts and fans around the world. Her demand today is as high as it was in the 1950s and 1960s and the mystery surrounding her death remains the subject of numerous documentaries and exposés. Her 1953 film “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” firmly launched her as a superstar and she went on to star in “The Seven Year Itch” (1955), “Bus Stop” (1956), “The Misfits” (1961) and many others. She was famously married to baseball great Joe DiMaggio and also playwright Arthur Miller. Much has been written about the most famous of Hollywood actresses but the intrigue, the Hollywood lore and the desire to be Marilyn continues to this day. The medical files being offered by Julien’s Auctions gives light to another Monroe mystery and gives proof to the plastic surgery procedures which have gone partly unanswered until now.

All of the property in the auction will be featured in a full color limited edition catalogue for Icons & Idols: Hollywood and are available for purchase at

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