Marilyn Monroe Photo Exhibit at the Andrew Weiss Gallery, Now Through September 18, 2010

An Historic Exhibition at the Andrew Weiss Gallery, Beverly Hills…

Never before seen together, rare photos by 94 year old Bill Carroll, George Barris and Bert Stern, are exhibited now in a major photography exhibition, Becoming Marilyn, at the Andrew Weiss Gallery. The show will feature the world’s most in depth collection of Marilyn Monroe photographs, spanning her entire career from the very pictures first taken in 1945, to the very last taken in 1962.

Surprisingly, only 17 years pass in this photographic journey, but the images reveal the dramatic metamorphosis and captivating story of a young model turned Hollywood’s greatest legend. The first photos, by Bill Carroll, not seen in 65 years, and available to collectors for the first time, show a 19 year old Norma Jeane dreaming of stardom on the beach. Years later, George Barris would take her picture on the same beach, not knowing they would be her last. Both photographer’s works are featured in this show.

In addition, the exhibit will present some of Marilyn Monroe’s most popular photo shoots, Bert Stern’s Last Sitting, Tom Kelley’s Red Velvet photos, as well as vintage photos by her personal confidant and business partner Milton Greene. Other early images of Marilyn as Norma Jeane by David Conover and photos by the man known to have made Marilyn famous, the legendary photographer of the stars, Bruno Bernard of Bernard of Hollywood™ will also be on display. The exhibition opened to the public June 25, 2010 and ends September 18, 2010.