Letters of Authenticity are not Always…Authentic

According to The Original Prop Blog, there appears to be a discrepancy regarding an LOA allegedly signed by professional wrestler Lanny Poffo. An item listed by eBay seller *stoneark* was said to include a letter signed by Poffo verifying provenance. However, Poffo has come forward stating that he did not sign the document, and that it is a fraud. For more information on the extensive research conducted by The Original Prob Blog, click here.

So what’s the relevance to Marilyn Monroe you may be asking? This eBay seller has also sold items advertised as having been owned by her:

Marilyn Monroe Owned High Heeled Shoes: $291.99

Marilyn Monroe Owned Patent Leather Shoes: $372.55

For a view of authentic Monroe owned shoes, check out the pairs of Monroe pumps sold by Julien’s Auctions in June of 2008. Both were originally sold at the 1999 Christie’s auction.

Marilyn Monroe High Heeled Brown Pumps: $10,312.50

Marilyn Monroe High Heeled Black Pumps: $15,000.00

Lesson of the Day: A “Letter of Authenticity” is not a guarantee of provenance. Furthermore, rarely will collectors be lucky enough to buy highly sought after original and authentic celebrity owned memorabilia for bargain basement prices.