George Barris Views the Marilyn Remembered Exhibit

George Barris, world famous photographer and personal friend of Marilyn Monroe, visited the Marilyn Remembered exhibit on Friday, September 17, the final day of the show.

Mr. Barris spent time with Greg Schreiner and me as we gave him a tour of the exhibit and showed him the Marilyn Monroe items on display. Mr. Barris made several personal comments about Marilyn and the items in the exhibit.

When we came to the display case with personal correspondence to and from Marilyn, Mr. Barris pointed to the letter Isidore Miller sent to Marilyn, dated February 22, 1962, signed “Dad” and said, “Marilyn was very close to Arthur Miller’s father. I remember her talking about him a great deal.”

I asked Mr. Barris, “What’s it like to be here and to see so many items that Marilyn herself actually owned?” He responded with, “It’s very emotional. It’s wonderful to see all of these things, but I miss her very much. She was my friend and I was so sad to lose her.”

It was a thrill to give Mr. Barris a personal tour of the exhibit and to spend a few hours with him talking about Marilyn.