Debbie Reynolds Collection to be Auctioned in May

In following up to my September 11, 2010 post, “Is the Most Iconic Dress in Film History Coming to Auction?” the answer appears to be…yes.

In a recent interview with the Orange County Register, Debbie Reynolds confirmed that her entire collection of film costumes will be auctioned by Profiles in History May 26th and 27th, 2011.

Reynolds’ collection is much more extensive, of course, and efforts to create a museum for it all have failed for various business reasons, she said. “I am going to stop collecting and I am putting it all up for auction May 26 and 27 in Los Angeles with the auction firm Profiles in History.

“You sometimes have to let your dreams go. I have been trying since 1970 to share my collection with the public. I couldn’t get the backing. It’s just a shame. I am sad I couldn’t have achieved that dream come true. It was a very hard decision,” she said.

It was originally reported last year that Reynolds would be using Christie’s to sell the collection. Profiles in History has evidently scored the collection.

Of course, Reynolds owns the original costume Marilyn Monroe wore over the subway grate scene in the Seven Year Itch. The question of the day is, “What will the hammer price be for what is undoubtedly the most iconic film dress of all time?”

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