Marilyn Monroe:  The Personal Archives


There is no more recognized actress of the twentieth century than Marilyn Monroe. She starred in some of the greatest films ever made and had relationships with some of the most famous men in the world. Even after death she has continued to be surrounded by interest and controversy. Through over 170 beautiful photographs and approximately 20 rare and removable facsimile documents, “Marilyn Monroe: The Personal Archive” will uncover the private life of the star, revealing her crippling stage fright, insecurity, difficult childhood and her ambition to be the greatest actress the world had ever known.

This exciting new book showcases items from The Marilyn Monroe Collection, including:

A Letter from 20th Century Fox to Marilyn Monroe – “Pink Tights”
Marilyn Monroe’s Personal Invoice from Psychiatrist Dr. Ralph Greenson
Marilyn Monroe’s Personal Architectural Drawing of Her Kitchen

Items from the MMC were loaned to the publisher specifically for this project. “Marilyn Monroe: The Personal Archives” is available for purchase.  To get your copy, click here.