Yet Another Marilyn Monroe Murder Conspiracy Theory

A newly-released FBI file suggests that conspiracy theories about the apparent suicide of Marilyn Monroe may not have been wrong.

The most famous beauty in the world may have been tricked into killing herself by a plot hatched by staff and friends, with the full knowledge of Robert Kennedy, her alleged lover. The secret FBI file, discovered by Australian film director Philippe Mora, suggests that the star was induced to take an overdose in the belief that she would be ‘discovered’ and saved

In reality, according to the document, she was left to die by her staff and so-called friends such as Peter Lawford, the husband of Kennedy’s sister. Monroe was found on her bed, face down, with a lethal amount of Seconal in her system. Since then conspiracy theorists have been convinced that her death was not just a simple suicide,
Her name has been romantically linked with both Robert Kennedy and the then US President, John F Kennedy.

According to the report, on the night Monroe died Robert Kennedy called Lawford from San Francisco and asked if she was dead yet. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, yesterday, Mr Mora found the file in a mass of classified documents released under the freedom of information legislation. The file is headed ‘Robert F Kennedy and was assembled by a former special agent whose name had been deleted.

Dated 19th October 1964, the file contains a report claiming Monroe was the victim of a conspiracy and was given the means with which to fake the suicide attempt. Those involved were Lawford, Monroe’s psychiatrist Ralph Greenson, her press agent Pat Newcomb and her housekeeper Eunice Murray.

The motive seems to have been to prevent Monroe from going public about her affair with Robert Kennedy after she realized he would never divorce his wife and marry her. Kennedy had also reneged on his promise, made after she was sacked by 20th Century Fox for unreliability, to get her reinstated. Monroe was found dead early on 5 August 1962 by Murray. According to the report, the following day Newcomb and Lawford were flown to the Hyannisport Kennedy compound.