The Marilyn Monroe Collection on Exhibit at Coronado Historical Society

Coronado’s Golden Age of Film

The 60th Anniversary of the filming of Some Like it Hot was recognized in 2018. In honor of that special film anniversary, the Coronado Historical Association hosted a new exhibit: Coronado’s Golden Age of Film, open November 2018 to January 2019. The exhibit featured a retrospective of Coronado’s fascinating film history, including a Coronado Hall of Fame of the many cinematic Coronadans, like Johnny Downs and Anita Page.

The exhibit’s premiere jewels were pieces from the world’s largest Marilyn Monroe Collection. The Coronado Historical Association was honored to host The Marilyn Monroe Collection ( The Marilyn Monroe Collection comprises a lifetime of memories, both Marilyn’s and the collector’s. The MMC loaned to the Coronado Historical Association a selection of Coronado-centric pieces from the collection consisting of items from Marilyn’s personal wardrobe, including a dress she wore off the set during filming of Some Like it Hot, cosmetics, books from her personal library, numerous personal and professional documents, a Marilyn Monroe signed bank check made payable to her acting coach Paula Strasberg, and other items directly from her estate.