The Marilyn Monroe Treasures

Marilyn-Monroe-Treasures-1With her ineffable combination of girlish innocence, glamorous sex appeal, and palpable presence on the silver screen, Marilyn Monroe bears an unmatched legacy marked by beauty, style, and mystique. The Marilyn Monroe Treasures, both a compelling biographical narrative and a collector’s delight, is a unique and meaningful addition to the Marilyn library. Featuring a number of unseen photographs, such as a soldier’s snapshots of Marilyn entertaining the troops in Korea, as well as many unpublished pieces of memorabilia, including an exquisite watercolor rose that Marilyn painted as a gift for President John F. Kennedy’s birthday, The Marilyn Monroe Treasures is a lavishly illustrated feast of beautiful imagery and ephemera from the life of one of the world’s most beloved stars.

This book showcases many items from The Marilyn Monroe Collection, including:
Foto Parade magazine from 1948
1952 Miss America Pageant Grand Marshall Photo
Waldorf-Astoria Hotel Invoices, July, 1955
Screen Actors Guild Membership Card
Invitation to Join the Hollywood Motion Picture & Television Museum

Items from the MMC were loaned to the publisher specifically for this project. “The Marilyn Monroe Treasures” is available now. To order your copy, click here.