Bonhams Auction: Highlighted Marilyn Monroe Items

Bonhams has some choice Marilyn Monroe items up for auction at their 2010 Entertainment Memorabilia auction, taking place on June 10 in Los Angeles. Some of the highlights are below. For a full listing, click here.

Lot No: 1001

A Marilyn Monroe side table from her Brentwood home, 1962
Made of walnut; rustic in style and naturally distressed; top is one single board, front has pull-out drawer with scalloped border; most likely one of the many pieces bought by the star down in Mexico to furnish her new house. Included is a vintage print black and white photograph showing the interior of MM’s living room where this small table can be seen against the far wall with a lamp on it.
24 x 40 x 24in
Estimate: $5,000 – 5,500

Lot No: 1002
A Marilyn Monroe signed black and white photograph, circa 1955

One of the star’s most iconic headshots; penned in black ballpoint ink on the lower left side “To Al Mazzola / It’s a pleasure to / work with you. / Marilyn Monroe.”
10 x 8in

Estimate: $8,000 – 8,500

This piece was consigned directly by actor Frank Mazzola whose dad, Al, was a key grip on one of MM’s films where he had her sign this for him. Interestingly, around the same time, Frank Mazzola was over at Warner Bros. playing ‘Crunch,’ one of the gang members who give James Dean a hard time in the 1955 classic, “Rebel Without A Cause.”

Lot No: 1003

A Marilyn Monroe set of serving trays, circa 1942
Identical except in size where one is smaller; both made of tin with a decorative edge; both engraved “NBJ” [Norma Jeane Baker] on the lower left side, though now very faint due to rust, wear, and age of trays; possibly given to Marilyn as an engagement gift (when her initials were still ‘NJB’) before she married James Dougherty.
17 x 25 x 1in and smaller

Estimate: $600 – 800

This set (which used to include three trays) originally sold in the Christie’s Los Angeles auction titled “Fine Manuscripts Including a Collection of Marilyn Monroe Memorabilia Sold to Benefit Hollygrove Children’s Home;” Sale 9814, September 12, 2001, lot 134, page 73 of that catalogue; final hammer price was $800; original Christie’s lot tags still included; Anna Strasberg [Lee Strasberg’s widow] was the original consignor.

Lot No: 1005

A Marilyn Monroe-received letter from Pat Newcomb, circa 1960
Handwritten in blue ballpoint ink on ‘The Arthur P. Jacobs Company, Inc.’ letterhead; not dated; note reads in part “Dear Marilyn…/ Harrison Canall’s office called to say that Joe / was in town & could verify it…/ I said I…didn’t discuss your personal life in any case…/ You can tell Hedda you hear she’s quite a / ‘twister’ and she’ll do a monologue which will / completely take her away from anything else about you…;” signed in the lower right hand corner “Love, Pat” who seemed to be on top of things for MM.
11 x 8 1/2in

Estimate: $400 – 450

Lot No: 1009

A Marilyn Monroe group of receipts, 1958-1962
Six total; all note the star’s name and/or address; including ones from: 1) Colonial Trust Company dated May 13, 1958; 2) Trans World Airlines dated June 14, 1961; 3) W&J Sloane [furniture store in Beverly Hills] dated May 6, 1962; 4) Southern Counties Gas Company date-stamped May 23, 1962; 5) Southern Counties Gas Company date-stamped June 21, 1962; and 6) Department of Water and Power date-stamped June 8, 1962 but interestingly having a postmark of “Jun 1 1962,” MM’s final birthday.
Various Sizes

Estimate: $400 – 425

Lot No: 1015

A Marilyn Monroe rare black and white photograph, circa 1951
A vintage print with a glossy finish depicting the star in a candid shot wearing a cocktail dress; possibly never before seen.
7 x 5in

Estimate: $50 – 75

Lot No: 1013

A Marilyn Monroe receipt from Dr. Ralph R. Greenson, 1962
Typed on personalized notepaper from the doctor’s office; sent to MM’s post office box in Los Angeles, she was billed “$1,250.00 for professional services” on “June 30, 1962;” a two-hole punch appears on top margin.
7 x 5 1/2in

Estimate: $300 – 350