• Marilyn Monroe's Personal Cocktail Dress

The Marilyn Monroe Collection:  Dedicated to Keeping the Legend of Marilyn Monroe Alive

Marilyn Monroe is undeniably the enduring symbol of glamour and sexuality. Today, 50 years after her untimely and tragic death, she continues to set the standard for beauty.  An indelible image of the silver screen, the Marilyn Monroe legend transcends all others. She is an American icon. This website showcases a personal collection of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia comprising a lifetime of memories, both Marilyn’s and the collector’s.  While there are other collections of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia, this compilation is unique in that  items within the collection represent significant aspects of Marilyn Monroe’s life.  Just a few examples include:

  • A Pucci Blouse:  Worn by Marilyn as she rehearsed her rendition of  ”Happy Birthday Mr. President” for John F. Kennedy.  Also, this is the blouse she wore when the last ever photos of her alive were taken.
  • A Maternity Dress:  Worn during Marilyn’s 1958 pregnancy while filming of Some Like It Hot.
  • A Mink Fur Collar:  Often worn during her time in New York City, perhaps Marilyn’s favorite fur.
  • A White Fox Muff:  The very first fur Marilyn paid for with her own money.
  • A Kodak Brownie Camera:  From Marilyn’s childhood, the first camera ever owned by the most photographed woman in the world.
  • An August 3, 1962 Unsigned Bank Check:  A poignent symbol of the untimely death of Marilyn Monroe.

Today, along with books, magazines, posters and postcards, the collection consists of over 150 items formerly owned by the legend herself. The collection includes clothing, accessories and furs from her personal wardrobe, cosmetics, books from her home library, numerous personal and professional documents, bank statements, financial documents, signed bank checks, and many other personal items outlining in great detail the personal and very private life of Marilyn Monroe.  View the collection in its entirety here.



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