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The Collection

The Marilyn Monroe Collection comprises a lifetime of memories, both Marilyn’s and the collector’s.  While there are other collections…

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About Marilyn

She is undeniably the enduring symbol of glamour and sexuality. Today, over 50 years after her untimely and tragic…

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Collecting Marilyn

News of the death of Marilyn Monroe was announced on August 5, 1962. In her will, Marilyn Monroe bequeathed…

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The Marilyn Monroe Collection

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Welcome to  This website showcases a personal collection of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia comprising a lifetime of memories, both Marilyn’s and the collector’s.  While there are other collections of Monroe memorabilia, this compilation is unique in that items within the compilation represent significant aspects of Marilyn’s life, including items from her childhood, the very first fur she ever owned, and even her maternity dress from her final pregnancy in 1958.  Today, along with books, magazines and many original photos taken by members of the Monroe Six, the collection consists of hundreds of items formerly owned by the legend herself, many of which are photographed with Marilyn. The Marilyn Monroe Collection includes clothing, furs, and accessories from her personal wardrobe, cosmetics, books from her home library, numerous personal and professional documents, bank statements, financial documents, signed bank checks, and many other personal items outlining in great detail the personal and very private life of Marilyn Monroe.  Also included are items worn in her films.

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